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Crooked Line - Coma Inducer®

Inspired by an understanding that in every person’s toughest life moments there is serenity through a belief that “God Makes it Straight With a Crooked Line”. This is a comforter that can provide warmth and hope through a daily reminder that not only can life improve, but sometimes it takes a crooked line for it to do so.

Remember that you are not alone. There will be moments that are unexplainable, full of sorrow and fraught with loneliness, but if you have your faith, you are never alone.

"Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name, you are mine." Isaiah 43:1

Place your trust in Jesus so, no matter your difficult situation (crooked line), you know that God is working behind the scenes to bless you in ways you never dreamed possible. Live each day trusting that "God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line".

A Comforter with Meaning

Imagine that, while you are on your crooked line, that you are able to see all the way to the end where it becomes straight. However, the problem with this is that it's most difficult to see God's purpose when the line is crooked. Having faith can often be a frustrating and difficult journey, but when you're in the midst of a difficult time (crooked line) it is important to stay strong in your faith and believe in your heart that, "All things work together for good to those who love God" Romans 8:28

Accepting with trusted faith that God makes it straight with a crooked line is not easy. It's for this reason that we started the Crooked Line Project. It was created to help provide a daily affirmation to keep your faith strong. It's a comforter with a message of hope and inspiration. A subtle reminder that if you accept God's path you will not just personally be fulfilled, but you will also be led in ways to serve and help others, too.

Message from the founder of The Crooked Line Project:

Have you ever had a 'gut feeling'? Something that overwhelmed you in such a way that it couldn't be ignored? I like to think of these life moments not as 'gut feelings' but as "God feelings". It's a lot more compelling and logical to believe that God speaks to each one of us vs. believing that our stomach organs have such authority.

In being open to and accepting a "God Feeling", I set out to design a comforter that would provide not just warmth, but also one that provided encouragement and a purposeful hope. At the time I had no idea what I would do with such a comforter once it was made, but I remember that didn't matter. I guess that's why I call it a "project". What it lacked in planning, it made up for in meaning. Please allow our comforter to serve you, someone you love, or someone you know who needs it.

Whether you need it for warmth through the winter or for a daily reminder to always have faith, our intention and mission is for our comforter to feel as though you are receiving a warm embrace from God.

I am grateful and honored that you took the time to understand the meaning and background of our Crooked Line Project (which continues to evolve). May God Bless you in ways you would never have thought of or known to pray for.

Is it Really Almost Free?

Yes. We offer both an almost free option (limited to 1 per household) and a discounted price option. The almost free option is for anyone who needs it. It is truly intended to be given away. Are you in need or do you know someone that can benefit? If you answered yes, then please help yourself to the almost free option. The goal of our Crooked Line Project is to help. As long as we are able to help in this 'almost free' way we will continue to do so. It's our small way of helping others to stay warm and to have a daily reminder to never lose faith. Our hope is that our Crooked Line Project can help be a catalyst for good and an inspiration far beyond its original intention. We are firm believers that if you are open to God's message you never know what door will open or what path you will find yourself on.

Due to limited supply, customers are eligible for only (1) Almost Free Crooked Line Comforter per household, regardless of size. Multiple orders placed using the same email address, billing or shipping address, and/or name will be cancelled.

5/3/21 Update: The Crooked Line Project is off to a great start! Within the first 3 months we shipped almost 1,000 "almost free" units!! This amounts close to $100,000 in retail value provided for 'almost free'. Our goal is to impact and help as many people as possible. Thanks in part to the success of our Coma Inducer Comforters, we are able to give back by providing our Crooked Line Coma Inducer for 'almost free'. If you see that the size and color you need is out of stock we have more coming in early fall 2021... just in time for the Winter season. To be placed on our list to be contacted when our stock of "almost free" comforters return, please email: Jeff@Comainducer.com

Current Stock:
Luxury Plush reversing to our soft Baby Bird material
Thick 270GSM Polyester Fill
Important Information:
Warm, thick King Comforter that is addictive in comfort
King Comforter: 112" x 92" and (2) King Shams: 20" x 36" x 2" Flange
Purchase Limit:
We limit 1 per customer due to our limited supply of our Almost Free Option.
Inspirational Message:
Created to provide a daily faith reminder that you are not alone - God Makes it Straight with a Crooked Line

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