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UB-Jealy - Coma Inducer

Inspired by the classic fight for more covers! The question posed was, "Can there be bedding so plush and cozy that you not only fight for it, but more importantly refuse to lose the fight?" When you win that fight you can tell your opponent (yes, opponent), who is sure to be upset and mean to you, "UB-Jealy" - or if you speak proper English you can say: "You are being Jealous."


Raise your hand if you've ever had to fight for the covers with your significant other. Did you raise your hand? We can't see you, but we can guess that you probably did. We get it. Sure, you love them, but those nights when they are hogging the covers you might start second guessing if it's really worth it.

While our UB-Jealy Comforters are crafted with oversized dimensions so you could technically share with your partner, you don't have to. In fact, this plush bedding might just give you the boost you need to win that fight for the covers. And we aren't just talking about an easy win, we're talking about crushing your opponent (Yep...they are your opponent when they try to touch your UB-Jealy Coma Inducer®).

While you are gloating from your victory, make sure you tell them that they need to stop being jealous. You know they will be, but you just won't care!

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Warm, thick Comforter that is addictive in comfort
Twin XL Comforter: 68" x 90" and (1) Standard Sham: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange, Queen Comforter: 94" x 92" and (2) Standard Shams: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange, King Comforter: 112" x 92" and (2) King Shams: 20" x 36" x 2" Flange
Thick Down Alternative Polyester Fill, 270 GSM
Yarn Dyed Luxury Plush

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