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Yo Dreads - Coma Inducer®

Inspired by carefree freedom, Yo Dreads is a bedding Nirvana. Yo Dreads doesn't care about societal norms! Normal is boring and never provided a luxurious great night's sleep. Prestigious, magazine photo bedding is great if your bedroom is a museum, but if you are seeking the softest, coziest, beyond enjoyable bedding, then Yo Dreads is the bedding freedom you desire. Part of our Coma Inducer® family, Yo Dreads is our untamed, unpredictably plush option that is sure to make you happy that you chose substance and comfort over normal and uninspiring.


Can we talk about the state of the world these days? Actually, nevermind. Between the news, social media, and just being alive, we all get constantly bombarded with all of the bad stuff going on. Whatever happened to positivity and all the good things about being alive, you know?

While we can't help fix all of the problems in the world, we can try to fix a major problem in your world. We aren't saying that you are cranky or in a bad mood, but we all wake up feeling like that some days, right? And those mornings we wake up feeling not so happy, it can be hard to tackle the day ahead. If this is sounding all too familiar, we can help!

When you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested, anything seems possible. If your bedding is cozy enough to allow you a great night's sleep, you may wake up feeling more positive and carefree than the average person. This is exactly what our Yo Dreads Coma Inducer® bedding embodies, the type of carefree spirit that we all need right now.

Even though plush bedding can't solve a lot of problems, it can at least put you in the right, carefree mindset to handle your own life. Who knows, with your mind clear of worries, maybe you can make a positive change in someone else's world, too!

Current Stock:
Thick Inner Polyester Fill
Luxury Plush
Twin XL Comforter: 68" x 90" and (1) Standard Sham: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange, Queen Comforter: 94" x 98" and (2) Standard Shams: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange, King Comforter: 112" x 98" and (2) King Shams: 20" x 36" x 2" Flange
Important Information:
Warm, thick XL Comforter that is addictive in comfort

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