Fabric Fetish - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Ivory Taupe


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Fabric Fetish - Coma Inducer®

Inspired by a love for plush textures and fabrics. Sure, we understand the world "Fetish" could take you down a wormhole of twisted thoughts, but let's stay innocent for a moment. To have a fetish is to experience gratification for something and having a strong desire for a Coma Inducer® is actually quite normal. So normal, in fact, that one of our customers, Rachel Black, was inspired to create the name Fabric Fetish. Just like you, we first paused at the suggested name, yet we proceeded because we get it.. we really do. We get how our typical super fan owns more than five Coma Inducers. We get how it's enjoyable to get that new fabric and experience how soft and plush it could possibly feel up against your bare skin. Does that sound a bit like a romantic novel? Yet that begs the question: is a love affair with Coma Worthy Sleep and the coziest of cozy Coma Inducer® Comforters so wrong? Could this passion for great texture and material not take us back to the pure innocence of the name Fabric Fetish? Made with short, silky smooth plush combined with the reverse Bare Bottom® material (if you've felt it, you know what we're talking about), this Coma Inducer® is the perfect combination of cozy textures. So smooth, you might just realize that you have a new fetish, a 'fabric fetish', caused by our Coma Inducer®! If you try explaining that to your friends and family they might give you a strange look, in that case just send us an email (info@ComaInducer.com)... we get you!


Are you passionate about all things soft? So passionate, that finding the perfect soft touch when it comes to your bedding is serious business... to the point where it could probably be called an obsession?

At Coma Inducer®, we want you to know that it's okay to feel like this. We don't think you should be ashamed of being passionate about comfort, and the Fabric Fetish Coma Inducer® is our way of supporting your desires.

No, you aren't weird for wanting cozy bedding, and you certainly aren't weird for thinking you need the softest comforter possible. We get you, and we're here to appeal to your Fabric Fetish needs!

Current Stock:
220GSM Velvety, Silky Soft Plush reversing to our Bare Bottom® super soft material
Important Information:
Warm, thick XL Comforter that is addictive in comfort
Thick 280 GSM Polyester Fill
Twin XL Dimensions:
68" x 90"
Queen Dimensions:
94" x 98"
King Dimensions:
112" x 98"

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