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Fox in the Coconut Tree - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Frosty Gray Coconut

Inspired by none other than a fox in a coconut tree. If you ever wondered how we at Coma Inducer® come up with some of our names, you might be surprised. It's certainly not a long drawn out process and we don't clap our hands and instantly come up with something clever. Sometimes, we get inspired by a name, meaning, or concept and need to find the perfect materials, design, and pattern to fit that inspiration. Or, in more rare instances, we find undeniable soft plush materials and decide we need to create our next Coma Inducer® with this plushy find. Within minutes or even seconds of creation, we look at the beauty of the plush and how different materials interact and come up with a name that best suits the bedding (often the first idea). That is what happened with the Fox in the Coconut Tree! With Fox in the Coconut Tree, you can clearly see the fox side, the 600 GSM faux fur plush resembles a gray fox while the reverse 220 GSM luxury plush provides a calmingly cozy creamy white color. The reverse side color tone, although more buttery cream than white, gave off a vibe of the inside of a smooth coconut. From there, imagination takes hold and you can literally see a fox trying to get up a coconut tree and open up a real coconut. Close your eyes and imagine a gray fox with an open coconut next to its plushy fur. Open your eyes, can you see it now? Ideally, when you look at our Fox in the Coconut Tree Coma Inducer®, you can actually see how the name was conceived. If you can't see it, then chalk it up to us being a bit too imaginative or maybe a little crazy. But one thing is for certain, if you add our Fox in the Coconut Tree to your Coma collection, you'll enjoy a cozy warmth that gives you the potential for Coma Worthy Sleep®.

Current Stock:
Super Soft 600GSM Faux Fur, reversing to our Softer than Soft material in the color Coconut Milk - a 220GSM Luxury Plush that's designed to caress your skin
Thick 270GSM Polyester Inner Fill provides a Cozy Warmth
Important Information:
Oversized comforter set that is addictive in ultimate comfort, while adding textured style to your bedroom décor
Queen Dimensions:
Comforter - 94" x 90", (2) Standard Shams - 20" x 26" x 2" Flange
King Dimensions:
Comforter - 112" x 90", (2) King Shams - 20" x 36" x 2" Flange

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