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Unicorn Dreamz - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Sky Blue

Inspired by achieving a child-like state of bliss. Dreams of dancing unicorns in rainbow colors within open fields of peaceful slumber is what our Unicorn Dreamz Coma Inducer® is all about! Sleep that dissolves your daily stress can feel like an unachievable dream. However, when you have a comforter designed to not just look good, but that also has an ultimate plush feel, your “Unicorn Dreamz” are obtainable! This fairy tale come true is made of 420 GSM of wavy supersoft, long furry plush that will wrap you up in a new world of cozy! What makes this an even more rare Unicorn is that both sides are made of this unforgettably fluffy soft plush!! Troubles become a myth with our Unicorn Dreamz Coma Inducer®.

Unicorn Dreamz was named in part by Bethany Herron, a Coma Inducer® customer and huge fan of our oversized plush comforters. Bethany believes Unicorn Dreamz is "Not just for any child, but the child in all of us". We couldn't have said it better!!


Were you the kid that always had your nose in a book and dreamed of a fantasy world far away from this one? An exciting world full of princesses, knights in shining armor, dragons, and unicorns where you could dream up just about anything? If you still find yourself drifting into your own world as an adult when you daydream, you need the right comforter to reflect your whimsical nature. Created from thoughts of magical unicorns and beautiful rainbows, our Unicorn Dreamz Coma Inducer® is the perfect comforter for those with their heads in the clouds.

Normally, when people describe someone else as having their head in the clouds, they do so in a condescending manner...but why? Daydreaming is a sign of freethinking and creativity that is such a strong trait in children, but seems to get lost when that child moves into adulthood. We think the adults of the world could benefit from a little daydreaming, and, with a rainbow of colors and 420 GSM of luxurious plush on your bed, you might just have something new to daydream about.

P.S. Today I rode this wild unicorn named 'Bunchy' into the office. Everyone at Coma Inducer® thought I was crazy until they all realized you're only crazy if you stop dreamin'!

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